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Simply Natural Muesli 750g


A high fibre, low sugar mix of raw oats caught in regional Victoria and mixed with a selection of fruits, nuts, fibres and seeds. These oats are a little plumper and softer than those you’ll be used to from the shops. For this reason they’re better at taking on the moisture required for a bircher or porridge. The ingredients we’ve selected will work well soaked, poached or straight out of the bag.

Contains: Rolled oats, dates, peaches, currants, sunflower, hazelnuts, almonds, coconut, linseed

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Additional Info

Nutritional Information:

Servings per package: 15

Serving Size: 50.0g

Average Quantity per 100g

Energy                    1820kJ

Protein                    10.4g

Fat, total                 21.8g

- saturated              3.9g

Carbohydrate         44.4g

- sugars                   9.6g

Sodium                    12mg