A Bar That Sells Muesli?

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It seemed like every weekend Lisa would lose Rowly at the supermarket, only to find him roaming up and down the cereal aisle attempting to locate the muesli he hated the least.  One week it occurred to Lisa that she could save time if she made the muesli herself and it was over a bowl of Lisa's hand toasted muesli that the question was asked: "Why can't we make muesli for everyone?!" Lisa came up with a business plan for an online custom made muesli service. The idea was tested (and still operates) at the local farmer's markets and The Muesli Bar was born!



Our products are still hand toasted using local honey without oils or preservatives. We prefer baking in small weekly batches to offer the freshest possible product to our muesli pals.  When you order a custom made bag of our delicious muesli we make it on the very next of our business days (Tues to Fri) and have it to you within 3 days of getting it in the bag!

We first look to source ingredients locally,  but obviously not all of our ingredients can be grown locally or even in Australia. Suppliers are prioritised by their proximity to Canberra as well as the quality of their product and ability to meet our customer's demand. We also offer seasonal fruits that are sliced down and air dried in house!

Our custom muesli mixing service is still available from 7am every(ish) Saturday at the Canberra Region Farmers Market and our bags are now available through a number of discerning retailers across the ACT and New South Wales. 



On the website you can select from our entire range of ready to go muesli's, porridge toppings, granolas and snacks. You can also build your own versions of these products. The idea is pretty simple. You start with one of our gluten free or oat bases then select up to 8 ingredients to create a product specifically to your preference, taste or dietary need. We'll then send it to your door!

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