oat based, gluten free and grain free Muesli and granola made to order, delivered to your home

Mix Your Own Muesli 750g

from 16.00

Build your own Muesli in 2 simple steps:

  1. Select your muesli base below and press “Mix My Muesli!”

  2. Then choose any combo of up to 8 fruits, nuts, fibres and seeds - Easy!


Natural rolled oats - Grown near Geelong then milled, steamed & rolled before being sent to us!

Toasted rolled oats - hand baked in local honey & cinnamon only

Half half - mix the natural and toasted oat bases for the best of both worlds

Natural gluten free - rice bran straws, quinoa flakes and rice bran flakes

Toasted gluten free - as above but baked in local honey and cinnamon

Half half GF - mix the two gluten free bases together

Half toasted GF half toasted oats - the ultimate crunchy base 

- Note none of our bases contain added oils, preservatives or sugars

HANDY HINT: Choose natural oats for soaking a bircher, simple muesli’s or cooked porridge. Choose toasted bases if you need a little crunch and sweetness. Think you’re a connoisseur? Blend the two together for the texture of one and taste of the other!


Additional Info

Choose your own muesli adventure! Start with your preference of oats or gluten free bases then select up to 8 different items to mix into your breakfast!